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Gym Project

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Dear Friends of Sankanac,

For many years, having a gymnasium building onsite at Camp Sankanac was a dream that our previous leadership had. In recent years, that dream became a pressing need as God continued to dramatically grow and bless the ministries at Camp Sankanac. A few years ago, we felt the timing was right to move forward with turning that dream into a reality. Fast forward to today, by God’s faithful provision, the generous support of many partners, we are nearing the completion of this project! But there is still work to be done!

We are excited to announce that we have recently raised the $70,000 needed to completely finish the entire gymnasium building! However, we still need to furnish certain aspects of the facility. We ask that you would prayerfully consider partnering with us to raise the funds necessary to finish this project for the glory of God and to help advance the ministries of Camp Sankanac that enable us to reach thousands of youth and adults with the gospel of Jesus Christ each year!

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Finishing Phase Two

We praise God that we were able to complete the Gymnasium area of the project in time to use for summer camp 2021, which marked the completion of Phase 1 of our Gym Project. Phase 2 consists of 1. Finishing the front interior section of our Gym building (DONE), and 2. Finishing the exterior of the building, parking lot and surrounding grounds. In between now and the fall, we will be working on finishing the exterior of the gym project (rock facing, landscaping, and final paving of the gym road and parking area).

What’s next ?

Once the building and grounds are completed, the only remaining part of the Gym Project will be furnishing the building (bleachers, tables and chairs, climbing wall equipment, projector and sound equipment, etc). Since more than $70,000 has come in before summer camp we may be able to purchase and use some of these items for summer camp 2022, which would be a huge blessing!

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The Need

  • Provide a large, safe indoor space options where we can take larger groups of campers during rain, thunderstorms and inclement weather during our summer season.
  • Provide indoor activity space for off-season retreat groups. We currently lose potential retreat rentals due to the lack of a gymnasium space. It is difficult to program our own retreats without a large, indoor and heated activity space.
  • Provide a large enough space to gather our entire camp for worship and devotions. As our registration grows we are no longer able to house the entire camp at one indoor location (formerly the Chapel).

The Plan

  • Located on the corner of Bertolet School Road and Timber Lane
  • Gymnasium (done)
  • Lobby (done)
  • Bathrooms (done)
  • Meeting Room (done)
  • Parking (done)
  • Exterior rock facing (in progress)
  • Interior furnishing (in progress)

The Progress

  • Gymnasium and interior front section completed
  • Money for the interior front section was raised!
  • Final exterior aspects of the building will be completed between now and the fall
  • Still needing to furnish certain aspects of the building!

Will you join us?

Help turn this dream into a reality! This Gymnasium building is becoming a critical need as God continues to grow our existing ministries and opens up new doors and opportunities to fulfill our mission of seeing children and adults grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ! The dream is not just to have a new building, but to be able to continue to provide increasingly excellent camping programs to children and adults who come to Camp Sankanac. We are so thankful for those who have already partnered with us through prayer, giving, and promotion!

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