Sr. Retreats

Ages 11-16

Break out of your winter routine and join us for an awesome, action-packed weekend with your favorite counselors and friends from summer camp! We’re looking forward to digging into God’s Word in a relaxing atmosphere. Forget all about cabin inspection (until summer!) and get ready for a low key and fun weekend at the best place on earth. Remember all those hills you “loved” climbing during the summer?! Imagine flying down those on your favorite sled or inner tube! Snow is always welcome this time of year on the slopes of Sankanac! No snow?! No worries! We’ve got a ton of awesome indoor and outdoor activities planned that you will definitely not want to miss. Retreats are the perfect way to introduce a new friend to camp! Bring them along so they can get a taste of Sankanac in a super welcoming and friendly environment! Space is limited–register today! 

We are praying that this weekend will be a refreshing & fun experience that will equip your child to take on the busy winter season & the rest of the school year! We hope they will come out & join us as we dig into God’s Word & focus on Him, all while having an absolute BLAST with some whacky activities around camp!

If you have any questions, please email us at or call the office on 610-649-6320.

We’ll see you there!!

Additional Information


2018: Themes:

Sr. Boys’ Retreat: It’s survival of the fittest as we dive into God’s Word to see how we can survive today’s culture and everyday challenges! What gear will you need? What skills should you have? Who can you trust through it all?! Come join us for a weekend packed with awesome survivor challenges!

Sr. Girls’ Retreat: Looking for a sweet weekend? Want to make some golden memories?! Join us for a weekend of fun, fellowship and pineapple themed activities as we read through Esther and learn how to stand tall, stay sweet and always wear our crowns!

Cost & Policies

$80 per person-includes snacks, 5 meals, two-night stay & all programming. Registration requires payment in full. Cancellations later than 3 days in advance will result in loss of the $75.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop Off: 7:30 pm on Friday evening. Please park in the main parking lot & check in at the Scott Building across the street (white building with green trim) for your cabin assignments & instructions.

Pick Up: 2 pm on Sunday afternoon. Please pick your camper up at their cabin.

Cabin Mates & Ages

 This retreat is for all kids, ages 11-16. If you were a Creekside camper last year but have turned 11yo, we welcome you to attend this retreat. We encourage campers to invite a new friend as this weekend is a small taste of summer camp & is the perfect way for a new camper to see the camp in a super friendly environment. You are welcome to request one mutual cabin mate for this retreat & you will have the opportunity to do so during the online registration process.

Special Diets

We are experienced in accommodating special dietary needs. But we need your help with making us aware of dietary restrictions & needs in advance so we can make sure your child’s mealtime experience here is great. Please fill in as much detail as possible in the special diet section of the retreat health form (part of the online registration already) & contact our cook (Erin at no later than the Monday prior to the weekend to discuss the menu & substitutions. Thank you!


Please bring any medications your child may need in their original as prescribed containers. During drop off on Friday evening, you will have the opportunity to discuss dosage & instructions with our staff who will be administering the medications.

What to Bring


-Pillow/Sleeping Bag (Campers will stay in our winterized Cliffside cabins…they are toasty warm and have bathrooms)

-Weather Appropriate Clothing: It’s winter! We can get anything from balmy sunshine to snow…please pack according to weather conditions. We’ll most likely be enjoying the outdoors regardless! Boots, jacket/coat/hat/gloves, snow gear/sled if snow is forecast, rain coat/boots if rain is forecast, etc. Extra clothes are recommended in case we get messy.

-Shoes: We recommend packing solid sneakers or hiking boots (and an extra pair is a great idea!). If rain is forecast, throw in a pair of rain boots if you have them.



-Spending Money: This year there will be a small “snack shop” available for the kids to purchase candy & snacks from during free time (all items $1.50 and under). We also have soda machines available if they are interested in purchasing sodas or Powerade.


 If you have any questions, please email us at or call the office on 610-469-6320.