Guest Group Policies

Our goal is to provide an affordable, high quality facility for your group and God’s glory!

Sankanac & Traber Reservation Policy

**It is Camp Sankanac’s policy not to accept postdated checks.**

In order to make a reservation, a non-refundable reservation fee is required. This fee is in addition to your per person rate and is non-transferable should you need to switch dates.  For example, if in 2014 you would like to roll-over your same date to 2015, the reservation fee will be added to your 2014 bill. If upon your arrival, you do not choose to roll-over your date to the following year by paying the reservation fee, your date will become available to the public.

Reservation Fees:

Parker House – $100

Main Camp – $200

Traber Center – $400

Sankanac & Traber Cancellation Policy:

When a reservation is made, the facility is booked and we are expecting your group and planning for your arrival. All cancellations made after the reservation fee & paperwork are finalized will result in a loss of the reservation fee as well as forfeiting the roll-over date for the following year.

If a cancellation is made within 60 days of your confirmed date, you will lose your reservation fee and roll-over date for the next year as well as incur a cancellation fee.  By signing the rental contract, you have agreed to these terms and are responsible.

Cancellation Fees:

Parker House – $250

Main Camp – $400

Traber Center – $2500 (weekend cancellations only)

Guest Group Guidelines

The following rules must be observed by all guest groups using our facilities .

1.   Retreats must maintain order and stewardship of facilities as unto the Lord.

2.   Please no smoking, alcohol, drugs, firearms, stereos, shaving cream, fights, cabin raids, etc.

3.   Every cabin must be under adult supervision at all times.

4.   Boating, canoeing, and all other activities must be supervised by an adult and approved by the camp.

5.   Breakage, theft, or abuse of equipment or facilities will require additional payment and may result in the termination of the relationship.

6.   Please leave the facilities and grounds of the camp in the same condition as you found them.

7.   At no time may boys be in the girls’ cabins or the girls in the boys’ cabins.

8.   Every person attending your retreat must be aware of the rules and regulations of Camp Sankanac.

9.   Secular videos to be watched in our facilities must be approved by Camp Sankanac.

10. There are no pets permitted.

For questions about any of our pricing or policies, please contact Guest Services at or 610-469-6320 Ex. 203.