Can I request that my child be in a cabin with a friend?

Here at Camp Sankanac, we understand the importance of nurturing friendships and relationships between campers. We encourage our campers, not only in building relationships with their established friends, but in building relationships with all of the campers in their cabin and village.  Some campers come with a friend and some don’t. When assigning campers to cabins, we do our absolute best, not only to accommodate mutual cabinmate requests, but to make sure that the entire cabin dynamic is balanced and as healthy as possible, giving each camper a great chance for a positive cabin experience while here at Sankanac. In order to do both, we ask that campers who would like to room with a friend, please choose one cabinmate per session. Request must be mutual between the two campers. Campers must be in the same village according to their age group (Creekside: 7-10yo, Pinesite: 11-12yo, Cliffside: 13-16yo). Thank you for understanding our policy. For questions regarding this policy, please contact us at We prayerfully consider each and every camper when assigning campers to their cabins and truly strive for each camper to have the best possible experience at Sankanac!