What if my child has a food allergy or special diet?

Our staff are experienced with preparing foods and caring for campers who have food allergies and special diets of all kinds. Please be sure to fill out the health form completely in the sections that require details about your child’s dietary needs. The more information we have, the better we can care for your child. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARRIVE TO LET US KNOW OF A FOOD ALLERGY/SPECIAL DIET. Please be sure this information is filled out entirely when you register and if at any point it needs updated or added to, please log back in online and update it.  In addition to providing details on the online health form, please contact our Food Service Director one week in advance at to discuss the menu for the week and possible substitutions if needed. If the allergy/special diet is extreme, we may encourage you to send along some supplemental favorites that your child typically eats at home. Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to ensure that your camper feels comfortable and cared for while at camp!

Can I request that my child be in a cabin with a friend?

Here at Camp Sankanac, we understand the importance of nurturing friendships and relationships between campers. We encourage our campers, not only in building relationships with their established friends, but in building relationships with all of the campers in their cabin and village.  Some campers come with a friend and some don’t. When assigning campers to cabins, we do our absolute best, not only to accommodate mutual cabinmate requests, but to make sure that the entire cabin dynamic is balanced and as healthy as possible, giving each camper a great chance for a positive cabin experience while here at Sankanac. In order to do both, we ask that campers who would like to room with a friend, please choose one cabinmate per session. Request must be mutual between the two campers. Campers must be in the same village according to their age group (Creekside: 7-10yo, Pinesite: 11-12yo, Cliffside: 13-16yo). Thank you for understanding our policy. For questions regarding this policy, please contact us at We prayerfully consider each and every camper when assigning campers to their cabins and truly strive for each camper to have the best possible experience at Sankanac!

Can I get updated on how the week is going?

Yes. Please “Like” us on Facebook for periodic updates about how the week is going.  If you would like an update on your child specifically, please contact our office during office hours and we will check with your child’s counselor and call you back with an update. Please be patient as this can take some time, depending on the time of day and what activities the campers are involved in.

Why do you have a no cell phone policy?

We ask that all electronics be left at home. Our position is that for one week campers should break away from their regular routine and focus on the activities that they are here to do. We don’t want them to be distracted with the texting, video games or video use that often come along with cell phones. If there is an emergency at home you could call the camp and contact your child that way. If there is ever an emergency here, the parent would be the first to be notified.

Can I pay for the camp fees in small payments?

Sure! However, we do ask that you pay the deposit in full in order to secure your child’s registration. The balance can be paid in small increments at your convenience. We do ask that the final balance be paid prior to camp or upon arrival.

Why do you have separate weeks for boys and girls?

Camp Sankanac has two separate sets of staff that are trained to meet the needs of the campers without the distractions that a co-ed program could cause. Each program is designed to specifically cater to the specific needs that each gender provides.

Can I register over the phone?

No, Camp Sankanac only takes registration through the mail or through the online registration process. After initial registration is complete, final or subsequent payments can be made by phone.  

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we take credit card through our online registration as well as during camper registration on the first day of camp for final payments.

What are your meals like at camp?

Camp Sankanac offers family style meals. As a participant and award winner in the Department of Education’s Summer Food Service Program, we have high standards in providing delicious and healthy meal options each day. Breakfasts include hot items as well as cereal/milk each day. Lunch and Dinner include a balance of protein, starch, veggies/fruit and dairy. Our food staff have years of experience preparing meals for kids, so we have a good understanding of kid-friendly meals. Have a picky eater?   Our policy is that we encourage the campers to try a little bit of everything at the table. Even picky eaters are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try new things while at camp. Much of the time, they will actually end up liking things they thought they wouldn’t.

Can I see your camp before your camp season starts?

Yes! We have an open house in April each year…please CLICK HERE for our Calendar and the specific date for this year. This is the perfect time for new families to get a thorough tour of the camp, meet some of our staff and ask any questions you may have…not to mention, it’s an awesome family day! We’ll have pony rides, hayrides, archery tag, blacklight dodgeball games, free snacks (popcorn, cotton candy, etc) and our camp store will be open! Don’t miss it! If you’re not able to make it to the open house, you are welcome to contact our office at 610-469-6320 to schedule a tour.

Can I send letters and packages?

YES! The campers love to receive letters and packages. Just send it to the camp address – 68 Bertolet School Rd., Spring City, PA 19475. Please write the camper’s name and cabin on the envelope and be sure to mail it out early in the week so they receive it by Friday. You can also  save on postage and let your beloved camper know how much you miss them by purchasing a personalized care package on our Camper Care Package page.  Packages/letters can also be dropped off along with your camper on Sunday and we will hand them out on whatever days you choose. Please leave these packages/letters inside the front door of our office building on the mail table to the left when you walk in the front door. Thanks!