Fall Day Camp

Camp Sankanac is planning a Day Camp Program during the school year for families who are looking for options as schools start back up with remote learning. We realize some families may be looking for a safe environment for their children to spend the day as many parents need to be at work or are working remotely from home. This program is not intended to take the place of a school program as we will require all students to be enrolled in some sort of school curriculum that they will bring with them each day for supervised study time. Our Sankanac Day Camp staff will provide daily interaction with other children in their small group through activities like Bible study, outdoor recreation, music, crafts, and lunch.

To help us better understand the needs your family might be facing for this fall season, please fill out our questionnaire by clicking the “Survey” button at the top of our page. To register please click the “Register” button at the top of our page

$50 Standard-stay (9:00-4:00)

$60 Extended-stay (7:30-5:00)

Ages: 5-13


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Fall Day Camp_Academic Expectations (to be filled out and brought to camp daily)


Additional Information

Cost & Discounts


The costs per day for our Fall Day Camp program is:

$50 Standard-stay (9:00-4:00)

$60 Extended-stay (7:30-5:00)


$10 Three session discount (For a family that registers for three sessions per week)

$20 Five session discount (For a family that registers for five sessions per week).

$40 Ten session discount (For a family that registers for ten sessions per week)

$60 Fifteen or more session discount (For a family that registers for fifteen or more sessions per week).

Multi-session discounts are available and are counted by total sessions a family unit registers for per week. One may qualify for a multi-session discount by either registering one child for 3, 5, or more sessions or by registering multiple children for one or more days per week so that the total registrations for that week equal 3, 5, or more. Qualifying for a multi-session discount means that the following discount amounts will be applied to the total family’s costs for that week. The following discount amounts will not be applied to every session that the family has registered for during a particular week. For example, if a family registers three children to attend one day for a particular week of Fall Day Camp (A total of three sessions), they would qualify for the three-session discount and receive $10 off their total cost for that particular week, not $10 off per child (A total of $30).  



Registration for our Fall Day Camp program is PER DAY

Unlike our registration for our Summer Day Camp Program that is for a whole week at a time, our registration for our Fall Day Camp Program is per day. A family must register their child for each day that they want their child to attend the program. 

Deadline for registering: 

Though registration for our Fall Day Camp program is per day, the deadline for registering for the program is the Wednesday before the actual week that they will attend at 12:00 AM. For example, if your child would like to attend camp on a Monday, he or she must be registered before midnight the previous Wednesday. 

How to register:

Our registration process is completely online through Campwise. You can click here to go to our Campwise portal. Once there, you must create an account for yourself (The parent /guardian) and then you will be able to create a profile for each child you will be registering for camp. If you have already created an account for one of our other camp programs please do not create a new account. You can then add the sessions (days) you would like your child to attend our Fall Day Camp program. 

There will be forms that you must fill out for each child that will be attending camp (i.e. our medial form). These forms will only have to be filled out once. 



This program is not intended to take the place of a school program as we will require all students to be enrolled in some sort of school curriculum that they will bring with them each day for supervised study time. 

Our tentative plan is to have 1hr of independent but supervised study time in the morning and 1hr of independent but supervised study time in the afternoon. An optional additional hour of study time will be available upon request. Those not needing the additional study time will be able to partake in other activities during that time. 

These study times are meant to be a quiet time for students to work on their school work or other educational activities like reading a book. 

Children will be expected to bring all the needed equipment and materials with them that they will use during this time (i.e. computers,  notebooks, textbooks, etc.). However, we will be providing supervised access to the internet and will have staff available to assist children as needed (Our staff will not be functioning as tutors). 

If your child needs to attend a video call for school purposes outside of the study times we have built into our daily schedule, we will do our best to accommodate these needs but we must be notified ahead of time. 

If your child does not have required schoolwork to bring with them, please send them with a book or other quiet learning activities that they can work on during those two hours of study time.


Academic Expectations:

Our academic goal for our Fall Daycamp Program is to come alongside parents by providing supervised independent study time. This may look different for each camper and will be directed by a form parents will fill out each week that directs our daycamp staff as to what assignments they expect their child to be working on during independent study time and what goals they have for their child to achieve within the allotted study time. While our staff will make every effort to keep children on task and help them with questions they may have, we cannot guarantee children will meet the parental goals during the day. Our staff are not professional teachers or personal tutors. However, they will make every effort to assist your child in meeting their daily requirements. Due to the varied needs of each child and other factors, there may be times when the child may need to finish their assignments at home. If a camper needs to be “logged on” for a live teaching session with their virtual school they are enrolled in, we will need to know that information on the parent academic expectation form. In the event that these live sessions do not line up with scheduled independent study times campers will be pulled from other normally scheduled activities to attend live sessions at the parent’s request.


Daily Schedule

Fall Day Camp Daily Schedule

A more specific daily schedule will be available shortly. See below for a general summary of the different events that will be happening each day:

Each day will consist of a continental breakfast (if attending extended stay), morning free time, morning group/ learning activities, morning study times, bible lesson, early lunch, rest time, afternoon group/ learning activities, afternoon snack/camp store time, afternoon study time, and afternoon free time. 

List of possible group/learning activities:

Achery, boating, music, sports, outdoor cooking, hiking, group games, pony rides, fishing, etc.

Meals & Camp Store

Our Extended Stay Campers will be provided with a continental breakfast and hot lunch. Our Standard Stay Campers will be provided with a hot lunch.  These meals are included in the total cost for each day. Campers will have time for an afternoon snack which can be purchased at our camp store or can be brought from home. If your child would like to purchase snacks or other items (ice cream, snacks, candy, drinks, T-shirts, camp gear, etc), they will need to bring spending money along with them to camp. Healthy options will be available.

Meds, Allergies & Dietary Concerns


We will not be taking/dispensing medications throughout the day. Children with medications are encouraged to take their medication before being dropped off or after being picked up. If a child needs to bring an inhaler or epi-pen to camp, please be sure to notify the staff member who is checking in your camper.

Allergies & Dietary Concerns

Please list any allergies & dietary concerns on the medical info form during registration.  Parents must pack their child meals and snacks to bring with them if they have an allergy and dietary concerns. To speak with our foodservice director regarding your child’s special dietary needs, please email Amanda Smedley at


Packing List & Parent Info

More information coming soon!

Covid-19 Info

To see all the safety measures and protocols we put in place for our summer camp programs you can Click Here

As we seek the safest and most effective ways to run our programming, we will be tracking the latest CDC and PA Health Department recommendations. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment by educating our campers and staff on safe practices and risk management. This will include a regular routine of sanitizing the facilities as well as regulating proper hygiene for the campers and staff within their daily routine. Camper group sizes will be regulated and cohorted to manage exposure potential. Common areas will be used only by one group at a time and will be completely sanitized/disinfected between groups.

Each child will have a designate work space within their group location where they will be socially distanced from other children’s work stations. Masked/gloved staff members will be serving food to campers from behind serving tables with plexiglass barriers. Rigorous sanitation of food service and dining areas will be in place. Campers will be provided areas where they can eat their meals in a socially distanced setting.

We ask that masks be brought to camp each day for each child. Parents will have the option of requiring their child to wear a mask at any given time. Masks will not be required when outside engaged in physical activities or inside when the campers are at their work stations or eating and socially distanced. Masks will be worn by staff when instructional help is being given at the campers work station. Mask may be required for activities that require close interaction with other children or staff.

As always, our staff have gone through a rigorous application process and complete necessary background checks and training. In addition to our usual training (first aid, CPR, risk management, counseling, Biblical training, water safety, mandated reporter, etc), our staff have also been trained on the specifics of the virus, it’s spread, preventative steps, personal and cabin hygiene, sanitization and personal/village distancing.

Campers will be reminded to wash hands often, socially distance where possible and practice good hygiene during camp to preventing the spread of Covid19 and other illnesses.

Campers will undergo a health check each day at check-in which will include a temperature check and health risk questions. We ask that families keep sick campers at home. Families will not be charged for campers that are kept home because they are sick.

Campers should come prepared to spend time outside every day the weather permits. We are thankful for the 150 acres and spread out facilities here at camp, and we believe that we can still offer a fun, safe, spiritually enriching experience for your child under the guidelines in place.