Creation Exhibit

Creation Exhibit

The Creation Science Exhibit is available to school groups and offers a complete look at creation science. The exhibit is a place where students can get a comprehensive overview to the many issues and facts that underlie the debate over evolution. The exhibit is set up as an age appropriate presentation with plenty of discussion, question and answers, and a hand on segment for examining artifacts.

We believe and teach the Biblical view of a literal 24-hour, six-day creation (Genisis 1, Exodus 20:11). Our museum is full of museum-quality artifacts.  We discuss the differences between Evolution and Biblical Creation, while attempting to show the Truth through the eyes of Scripture and the evidence of design found in nature.

The creation exhibit covers topics such as:

·      Origin of Life

·      Six Days of Creation

·      Chance or Design?

·      What Happened in the Garden of Eden?

·      Order/Purpose/Interdependence

·      Which is Scientific – Creation or Evolution?

·      Out Of Place Artifacts (OOP Art)

·      What are Missing Links?

·      Family Trees (Genealogies in the Bible)

·      Noah’s Ark

·      The Flood

·      What happened to the dinosaurs?

·      What is a fossil?

·      And many more

Please give us a call to schedule a time for your students to experience this unique learning environment. (610) 469-6320.