Buddies Day Camp

Serving children with physical & developmental disabilities

We are so excited to offer a brand new program here at Camp Sankanac this summer…Sankanac Buddies Day Camp! In an effort to partner with families to provide a fun, safe and inclusive atmosphere for campers with physical and/or developmental disabilities, we are offering this Bible-centered, outdoor focused day camp experience! Along with our special needs campers, we will also be accepting campers who do not have physical or developmental disabilities who are interested in coming alongside our special needs campers, befriending them and being their “buddy” for the week (hence the name “Sankanac Buddies Day Camp”)!  During this week, our campers will enjoy tons of fun outdoor activities (pool, fishing, boating, games, swimming, archery, etc) and meaningful Bible study. Want to have a shot at catching the biggest fish in the pond?! Or are you hoping to  interact with some cute and cuddly animal friends? Grab your buddy and go on a hayride adventure to see all of God’s amazing creation around camp!  Splash around in Sankanac’s refreshing pool or tour French Creek by boat…the opportunities are endless at Sankanac Buddies Day Camp!

If you, or someone you know, has a child with physical and/or developmental disabilities who might enjoy and benefit from attending a week of summer camp, or if you, or someone you know, has a child who would like to be a “buddy,” we would love to hear from you! You can contact us at or call 610-469-6320


Standard Stay: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM ($100 deposit + $230)

Extended Stay: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM ($100 deposit + $255)

–If our special needs campers have an aid who can attend camp, we welcome that! There is an application process for aids who attend Sankanac Buddies Day Camp with a camper and all PA clearances will be required. For details about the aid application process, please email us at  

–Our standard summer camp health form and other registration forms are required for all campers who attend this program (there is a $100 deposit to reserve their spot, remaining fees are due by camp). Parents/Guardians of our special needs campers are asked to fill out additional camper profile forms that will detail the specific day to day behavioral/physical needs that your child has. This will enable us to be aware of their needs and become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses prior to their arrival at camp.

–All campers who wish to swim will need to take a swim test the first time they swim.

–If your camper already has someone in mind that they would like to request as their “Sankanac Buddy” for this program, you can request their first & last name in the Friend Request option during registration.

–We will have one counselor assigned to each Sankanac Buddy and special needs camper pair. Our counselors and staff will undergo specific training for this camp and will have completed a rigorous application process, all PA background checks and an extensive interview process.

–Campers will have the opportunity to go through the Trading Post (our camp store) Monday through Thursday, and there will be an opportunity to deposit spending money for this purpose online during the registration process. Any unused spending account funds will be returned to parents at the end of the week in the form of a cash refund.


An epic battle is forming with two armies drawing close to the battle lines. The clash between the Philistines & the Israelites will go down in history as one of the most well-known battles of all time. God’s chosen people, the Israelites are faced with a determined army who boasts the most powerful and fierce man of war this world has ever seen. Goliath! Standing at around 9 feet tall, Goliath was a fearsome and experienced fighter who made great boasts defying God’s people, taking pleasure in mocking the God that they serve. Then there’s David… a young shepherd boy who was simply willing. Willing to put his life in God’s hands, willing to follow God and willing to be persistent with carrying out the plan God set before him, David was willing no matter how impossible it seemed. God’s plan was put in place and David approaches the front lines, boldly facing Goliath. The stage is now set for what will be the ultimate fight! We can’t wait to dive deep into God’s Word to see how God prepared David and delivered His people from the hands of the Philistines. God used a shepherd boy and a slingshot to slay a giant! What else can God do!? Our God is Able! And He can use anyone to accomplish His plan.