Boys’ Overnight Camp


Boys' Overnight Camp

Camp Sankanac’s overnight boys’ camp is a unique adventure camp for boys’ ages 7-16.  From creek stomping, to fire building, to archery, to tubing, and braving our mountain-sized water slide you don’t want to miss the outdoor adventures that await during our four weeks of boys’ camp.  You also don’t want to miss the amazing adventure of learning about God, studying His word, and learning to be more like Him.  Boys’ camp is a time to get away from the distractions of TV, movies, video games, girls, and your daily routine and learn about God while having an absolute blast!


Each week of camp is tied to a different theme.  The purpose of our weekly theme is to add a fun twist to the regular camp daily schedule. The themes play out primarily in our evening activity and in mealtime skits during the week. The rest of our camp day is largely the same every week. In the morning, campers have Bible and elective classes. In the afternoon, campers have rest time, free time, and activity time with their own cabin. After the evening meal, campers participate in a large group game or activity that is tied to the weekly theme and then they end the day with a chapel service. Boy’s camp evening activities tend to be competitive and athletic in nature.

Cost: $100 deposit + $290 board fee

M.I. – It’s back! Our campers’ all-time favorite night game! You’ll have to bring your A-game and use strategic planning, stealth and teamwork to face these daytime AND nighttime challenges. It will be up to each cabin to defy the odds and make possible each “impossible” mission!

Titan Games: Olympic Level Come ready to be challenged by our Sankanac Titan Course, with bigger and better obstacles…land, water, mud…you’ll have to master it all! Cabins will also compete in Titan-sized Olympics with team and individual competitions. Step up to the challenge and claim the title of Sankanac Titan!

Boys’ Basketball Camp:

Army/Navy – Over 60 years of tradition…’nuff said?! Two teams, one goal…claim the victory & proudly display your name on the team board in the dining hall! Individual & team competitions will be held all over the property in a classic, all-camp clash of talent!

Secret Agent – Where is the target?! WHAT is the target?! Is it in the water, on land, or out of this world?… Or is it you?!? Who or what should you be defending and how? As Secret Agents, these are just some of the questions that will need to be answered. Each cabin will work as a team to piece together the mystery of this epic Sankanac contest.

If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us at, or call 610-469-6320

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