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We are excited for our second year of the TRIBE team program for guys & girls, ages 16-18! If you’re interested in pursuing a camp staff position in the future, or any type of leadership position for that matter, this is the perfect program for you! Dive into 6 weeks of hardcore Bible Study & spiritual training, instruction in general leadership & counseling, challenging off-site adventures (canoe trips, camping, hiking, etc) and field experience in every area of camp (program & counseling, kitchen help, maintenance, office, camp store and more). Please click on the Parent Info & Schedule link above to see what each week will entail. We hope you’re ready for a summer packed with powerful teaching from God’s word, endless on-site opportunities for ministry and outreach, and awesome off-site trips that will stretch and grow you for a future in godly leadership!

Program Qualifications: Applications will be accepted from guys & girls, ages 16-18. Limited space available (6 guys, 6 girls).


Guys: June 17-July 28, 2018

Girls:  July 1 -August 11, 2018

TRIBE Team members are encouraged to attend all 6 weeks, if possible. No discount offered if you can’t attend all 6 weeks. Tribe Team members are still considered campers and will still be required to return home over the weekend.

Cost: $800.00 ($200 deposit, remaining $600 due by the last week of camp). Price covers food, lodging travel, staffing and other expenses incurred by the program. Our goal is to keep these fees as low as possible so that this opportunity is feasible for families. If finances are an issue, we encourage you to get your church involved to let them know of this missions experience as many churches assist with kids who are involved in summer missions work. There are also discounts available such as the Friend Recommendation Discount ($50 off if you refer a new friend) and the Summer Food Service Discount (similar to the hot lunch program at school for low income families) which would give you $35 off each week of camp. Please see our “Financial Info” page for more details about discounts. Because this program is heavily discounted compared to our regular overnight camp programs, we are not able to offer financial assistance other than the discounts stated above.

Application Process: The application is similar to the summer staff application and is available through the above link. This is not an open enrollment program, your application will be evaluated, references will be contacted and we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you’ve been accepted. Acceptance is not based on first come, first accepted. Preference will be given to campers who can attend all 6 weeks. Applications will be reviewed and approved/denied by our summer camp director, Tim Fanus. He will be in touch regarding the status of your application. Online registration is required once your application has been approved and we will contact you with those details once approved.


-To provide training to teens; equipping them to be better prepared to enter the world of counseling, leadership and Christian service.

-To provide an in-depth Bible study, helping teens grow in their faith.

-To provide opportunities to take part in all aspects of the summer camp ministry, helping them to learn what it means to serve others

-To provide off-site adventure experience, challenging them to bond together as a team, giving them the opportunity to build each other up in unity, just as in the body of Christ.