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Sankanac's Professional Disc Golf Course

Camp Sankanac’s disc golf course travels over the entire camp and has various terrains and obstacles. This professional grade course is over 6,000 feet in total distance, has 18 holes and a par of 74. We thank Pastor Jeff Scholl, former camper, and staff, of Berean Bible Church and his friends for the construction and maintenance of this outstanding course.

If the orange cone is on top of tee #1 the entire course is closed- no exceptions!

Church & Youth Groups 

The course was designed to provide a place where churches and youth groups can enjoy a small group activity and build relationships with their people, young or old. What a great way to share the Gospel…having a fun activity, hiking through God’s awesome creation, and having several hours of quality time loaded with laughs and solid quality one-on-one time.

If a church or a youth group is interested in using Camp Sankanac’s disc golf course, we asked that they call ahead for for more infromation on availability and details.

A Note on Public Access 

Camp Sankanac’s disc golf course is well known, and highly rated amongst the disc golf community, and needs the public’s help to keep it that way. Though Camp Sankanc chooses to open the course to the public, Sankanac does so at times of our choosing. The public should understand that access to this disc golf course is a privilege and not a right. We ask for your cooperation, please sign in and out, learn and abide by Sankanc’s disc golf course rules, be courteous and respectful to Camp Sankanc, its staff, and other persons on Sankanac’s property. If Camp Sankanc, its staff, other persons on Sankanac’s property, the disc golf course and its rules are not respected Camp Sankanc reserves the right to close the course at any time and dismiss disc golf players off the property. Before considering playing on this course, please read through the additional information below. Enjoy! 


Suggested donation of $3. Donations can be deposited into the donation slip box, located on the disc golf information sign, by tee pad #1, next to the parking lot. These donations help with the general operations of Camp Sankanac, and to cover the costs of keeping the course open. 

Signing in and out

All disc golf players are required to sign in and sign out. The sign in and sign out sheet is located on the disc golf information sign, by tee pad #1, next to the parking lot. 

Dates and hours of operation

·      Course is Closed Memorial Day-Labor Day

·      Course is Closed during periods of hunting season (call the office or check facebook page)

·      Course is Closed Saturdays

·      Weekday Hours: 10am- Dusk

·      Sunday Hours: 10am- Dusk

Camp Sankanac and disc golf course rules

  1. Please park in Main Camp Parking Lot. Do not block fire lane, or parking lot entrances or exits.
  2. Sign in and out at tee #1 each time you visit
  3. No alcohol, tobacco, or firearms permitted 
  4. No dogs, or other pets, allowed at any time
  5. No ATV’s, snowmobiles, or dirtbikes 
  6. Pick up trash
  7. Report hazards or concerns to office, or by contacting, 610-469-6320
  8. Yield to other groups, or staff using Camp Sankanc’s facilities and property. Other groups and camp staff have the right of way. 

Course reminders

·      Camp Sankanac is private property and not a public park.

·      Even if you’ve been given permission to play, if there are orange cones on tee #1, the course is closed.

·      The use of the course is a privilege, not a right.

·      We reserve the right to dismiss you from the course at any time and for any reason.


All disc golf players are encouraged to call ahead (610) 469 4320, or email before attempting to use the disc golf course. 


Address: 68 Bertolet School Rd, Spring City PA, 19475